Chet Farnsworth

Chet Farnsworth

Chief Marketing Officer

“The success of any business is limited to the quality of the people in it.”


Chet brings over 30 years of experience in heavy industrial, commercial, school and concrete construction to our team. Some of his significant projects include the General Motors Arlington Body Shop ($76mil), DART SH190/Richardson Station ($8.1mil), 813 Taylor Street 8 Story Parking Garage ($3.9mil), SMU Fondren Library ($2.3mil) and US Army Depot New Cumberland PA ($167mil).

Chet started his career at Crimson in 2014 as a Project Manager. He stepped into the role of VP-Estimating in 2015 and is currently responsible for all estimating and procurement activites in the company.


Why you chose construction as your career? Followed in my Fathers foot steps
What are some lessons you learned during the course of your career? ‘Do be afraid to make a decision.’ ‘Embrace change. In our continually growing industry it’s not if it will happen, but when.’ ‘If your questioning something because it looks or seems wrong it probably is, so don’t ignore it!’

Personal drive or motto statement? I would say my personal drive or motivation is to motivate and help those around me excel and grow. This is both professionally and personally.